How much do I need to be involved in my student’s education?

At Charis Classical Academy, we consider parents to be the primary educators of their children.  Our teachers assist parents in introducing/teaching concepts in the curriculum, grading papers, and sending out weekly lists of what needs to be completed. All parents are asked to assist their students in the completion of their assignments at home. Parental involvement is required.

Is Charis Classical Academy a Christian program?

Scripture is woven throughout our curriculum, and a Biblical Christian worldview provides the very foundation of everything we say and do at CCA. We believe that godly character is shaped through a relationship with Jesus Christ and that the Bible is the true, inerrant word of God. We seek to represent Christ to the students and families of CCA as consistently as possible and find it a joy to partner with parents in the spiritual formation of their children, while recognizing fully that they will be the primary influencers in their children’s faith.

How much time will my student spend doing schoolwork on non-CCA meeting days?

The classical curriculum that is used by Charis is built on the principles of simplicity and mastery. Each week, your child’s lessons will be predictable, thorough, and easy to follow as they build upon previous knowledge so that mastery of the various subject areas is attained. As the parent, you are able to assess when that mastery has occurred and if you then desire to dig deeper and expand further into specific lessons.  Estimated times each week will vary, depending on the student’s grade level, but lesson plans provided by our teachers reasonably space out the work at home for the week. Time of work at home grows with your child’s grade level.

How does my child become a student at Charis Classical Academy?

At CCA, all new families follow a 3 step admission process.




Why do you conduct interviews?

The purpose of our application and interview process is simply to ensure that families align with the vision of Charis Classical Academy and that a solid partnership will be feasible.  We work hard to make sure our school is the most effective educational environment for all students enrolled. Understanding that we cannot be what every family is looking for and cannot meet every family’s needs, we believe face to face conversations to be the most effective way to evaluate this.

How are teachers chosen and what are their qualifications?  

We work hard to find the best possible tutors for each of our classes.  We value a personal relationship with Jesus, love for children, higher education, experience with children in a classroom environment, understanding of classical education, and a broad knowledge base of the subject being taught. There is no perfect formula for each of our tutors, but we prayerfully consider each of the values listed above when adding to our faculty. We value excellence and are a team all working towards the same goal.

How are discipline issues handled at Charis Classical Academy?  

We believe that a classical model of education that provides structure and boundaries combined with an environment filled with grace and love are foundational components to a healthy discipline policy.  At CCA, we require students to abide by a Code of Conduct, which reflects biblical values and upholds personal virtue and character. Providing gospel explanations and showing grace for students as they learn to follow these standards is part of how we partner with parents in discipleship.   If there are recurring issues with the Code of Conduct, and the child is not willing or able to adhere to it, we will communicate openly with parents with the understanding that it is foundational and necessary to be followed in our learning environment.

Are parents able to sit in class with their children, and are there classroom aides for students with learning or behavioral challenges?

While we highly value the community aspect of our campus, we are a drop-off program and parents do not stay in class with their students.  Charis Classical Academy is not a traditional school, and therefore we are unable to provide some of the unique, specialized services that a public school system can provide.

Do you offer advanced or gifted programs for students at Charis Classical Academy?

Our chosen course of study is a comprehensive K-12 grade curriculum that focuses on the good, the true, and the beautiful and equips students to think and reason as they grow developmentally.  Our courses are challenging, yet are able to be modified to fit each child’s unique ability.